Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Marcus Hicks

It was on a cold wintery day.I had just woke up from listening to my annoying alarm.When I realized it was Valentine's Day.I was so happy cause Valentine's Day ment party!I was trying to hurry and get dressed as fast as I could.I was so excited we were going to get to eat sundeas.We didn't get to play a game tho

Savannah Lopez

Get up!!! Get up!!! said my sister,then i uncovered my face what do you want!!!Then i looked up at my calendor it was Valentine's Day i got dressed up in my cloths and ran down stars and ate some ceral.Icould not what tell our Valentine's Party.I could not wait
It was a cold night. I wok up because it was the Halloween, PARTY!!!. I cold not go to sleep. I was reedy to go to school. I went to sleep and wok up it was not time to go. It was firmly time to go. Ween i got their i was happy.

Kristyn Serna

On a warm morning , It was Valntines day . I woke ,and put my shirt and pants . When I got to school , there was stuff for the party and people were happy at classes . Mrs. Thompson said " when we have our party and bags . The people bring party stuff for the party . That was the best party ever!


It was a coold day i just coudint wate to go to school because it was valintine day.We was at school and we was geting raty to go to class we was in class and the bobcat star'.s it was time for our party. wee had icecream and sota afther the party we left.

christian gonzles

Did you like Valentine's DAY?I did what I liked about it was because we Had a party.We ate candy and had Sundays what i liked about it was that we had fun and played games.Then we went home but i hade lots of fun

Cole Smith

Have you ever woke up and thought that today was going to be a boring day and found out it was a holiday? One day I woke up and I thought that today was going to be another boring day. Then I found out that today was Valentines Day and I was excited. When I first got to school it was fun and when we went to p.e. it was better.At the party it was so fun. I like Valentines Day.
Pop. My mom just turned on the light. I said '' mom turn off the light.'' Then I remembered that it was Valentine's Days PARTY at school.I was so excited .I jumpped out of bed ,and got on my clothes. My mom said ''slow down it is only 6:30.''Valentines is my second favorite hoilday.

Haley Jones

I was riding in my mom's car it was freezing outside.Then I remembered it was Friday are Valentine's party. I was so excited . I love Valentine's Day .It isn't my favorite holiday, Christmas is. What Valentines day means to me is getting all the FUN DIP.I got 5 packs. I gave my teacher a gaint cookie.I hope you had a great Valentines day.

Triston Luna

One day I woke up and I didn't what to go to school .I for got that it was Valentines Day Party. Valentines is not really my favorite holiday. Halloween is my favourite holiday because I get a lot of candy. Valentines is kind of boring some times.

Catharine Chadwick

Do you like Valentines Day? Well I do because its all about love to me.To some people Valentines Day is like a normal day.Even i don't have a boyfriend but its still all bout love to me and Valentines to me and a Another one is that candy,chocolate and a lot more things and to the parents have their own little fun. Every time Valentines comes around I feel all cushy in side and SOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! happy that people can have fun.I really love Valentines Day but I would like to celebrate with but love will come around soon but SMILE ITS VALENTINES DAY YAYYYYYY!.

Katy Kirkpatrick

" Class dismissed "I heard Ms. Manley say, "Go get your valentines stuff".I just love Valentines Day,especially the candy. It is my third favorite holiday. I joust couldn't wait until the party! But to me it is not all about the candy it is about love, and family. I really love Valentines Day!


Wake up! Wake up! said my mom on a cool February morning. I didn't really want to go to school but today was our Valentine's day parties. I got ready for school and when I got there I was ready for our party. I think Valentine's day is just about being happy and being with friends and family. Well the candy is pretty good I have to say. Our party was fun we ate ice cream floats and sundaes they were good. I got a lot of candy and it was good too. I liked our party it was fun and everybody was happy and excited!!!

Kooper Horton

"Wake up Kooper"! I heard my mom say.Yes.It's finally the day of our Valentines Day Party.I do like Valentines.Yet it's not my favorite holiday.My favorite holiday is Christmas.The candy is my favorite part of Valentines Day.I had a lot of fun.It was my 2nd best day.

Christoher Vitela

On one cold February morning my mom woke me up. I did want to wake i was very excited but i kept on sleeping.I said today is Valentine Day!I was thinking today was gonna be a fine day but it turned out it wasn't. When i got there where a little bit of candy in my bag then i went to get a drink when came back there was a lot of candy i shouted This IS the greatest VALENTINE 'S DAY EVER.

Nick Garcia

It was a Sunday morning when I remembered that it was Valentines Day. I like Valentines Day. It's my second favorite holiday, because of the candy of course. When there is candy count me in. I don't like it when I hear I love you honey ugh... it makes me sick. After a couple of years you like it.

Jayla Cabler

I was in my bed one very dreadful morning why was it a dreadful morning , because it was a Monday . But as I rose up I remembered that today was Valentine's Day ! So I jumped up And ran to get my clothes on . But for some reason no one else in the house was as happy as me and that brought me down some . So When we got in the car I reminded everyone for the millionth time that we were making sundaes in my class for our Valentine's party . Of course they were like you've told us that a million times . Then I was like well I'm exited about it . Then everything went by and I was happy with what had happened this Valentine's Day !!

Tyrel Williams

It was a wonderful school day i thought. So i got dressed for school i thought it was going to be a original day but i forgot that it was Valentine's Day so i told my mom that i don't want to go to school she sad why i said i don't like this why it's Valentine's Day i don't like Valentine's Day but after all it turned to be a wonderful day.

Serenity Davis

Have you ever been so happy that you were going to pull out your hair? It was a beautiful morning on Valentine's Day.I was so excited the I could explode! I went to school and it seamed like I was the only one happy.When it was time to party everybody was happy and me too.

Jordan Bourland

It was a hot sunny day in Childless on a Saturday and I was pretty sure I would see a lot of my friends because valentines Day. I think it is OK but I'm not to interested in it.I like the party we have at school.It is very fun to be with my friends.I feel so good when II'm with my friends.


Did you like your valentines day? I did it was a pretty valentines day. I came to school happy because I was ready for some sweets and my valentines party. We had some red heart shaped suckers,and some valentine cards. It was the best valentines day ever!


Did you have a good valentines day. It was a beautiful day. I couldn't wait to get to school. It was as if a miracle has came upon me. I have been waiting for valentines day to come forever. I gave mrs.keys some candy.


Did you have a good valentines day?I did I got allot of valentines chocolates and a big bear that's probably bigger than me.It was the best valintines day that I have ever had in my life!My mom was the one who got me allot of the chockaltes.It was the best day EVER!

Quinnlin Johnson

Have you ever had a valentines party? I have it was Friday and we were having our valentines party. I was so happy that we were having the valentines party. We had Dr.pepper at the party. We played musical chairs. I got knocked off of one of them it hurt. But it was the best party of the year. I felt like it was the best day of my life. I ate so much food I thought I was about to explode.


Do you like Valentine's Day? I love Valentine's Day because its all about candy to me. But for grown ups. Well I don't want to go there. My most recent V day party was a great deal of fun. We
had Dr.Pepper,cake,cookies,we also played musical chairs. It was relly fun. Eliza even made us pots that had cookies on sticks. It was the best V Day party ever.

Nathan Goodwin

I came to school happy because it was Friday and we were having our Valentines day party. I thought it would be the best one ever but I don't know why it just felt like it would be. Valentines Day is all about candy to me but but for grown ups never mind. I love to drink Hawaiin punch with my candy. It was the best party ever. when I rode home on the bus and I ate all my candy and it was good.

Morgan Price

It was a chilly valentines day this year.I think it was still a good one though.Everyone in the class could not wait until the party starts.They must like valentines its just sort of sad to me because i don't have a valentine .Neither does my mom but we live through it.I think it was probably the best valentine I've had really because my mom got me lots of candy and a teddy bear.I love valentines day and my whole class and the teachers.I'm glad my mom got my something for valentines day.My mom rocks and shes the best mom I could ever want.

Josephine Travers

On a 20 degree morning i was riding my bike to school. I knew it was going to be a very fun day. It was. If there is candy involved, I will take it. Valentin is not my favorite, I like Christmas.I am very happy that I brought gloves, or the day would not be fun it would be cold!

Elizah Perez

Do you like Valentine's Day?i do i love it!Whats your favorite part about it?Well it all started on a Friday morning woke up and realized that today was our Valentine's party do you like Valentine parties? my favorite is our Valentine's parties at school.I aslo like to see hearts everywhere.Everytime i see hearts i think of people that are in love.It makes me feel like im special.Because i knw my mom Aunt and all my ancestor's love me.My eyes are always glowing when i see them.Everytime i see a heart with rainbow colors i feel like i just got sent from heaven above.How do you feel about love,hearts and Valentine's day?watch out don't get to excited because sometimes love hurts.So thats why many people just don't like Valentine's day.After our Valentine's party at school we go to eat at k-bobs.If its a friday and if i have plans i forget about all of those plans and focus on eatng.I feel like the queen because we went out because of my Valentine's party to celebrate Valentine' you better watch out if you don't like Valentine's you might get shot by a cupid!


Have you ever been so excited that you were going to explode? It was a wonderful Fall day.I felt so alive. I couldn't what to get to school.I felt like this day couldn't go bad. All that changed when I got to school. I had forgotten my valentines cards. I called my mom and she brought my valentines cards. I guess my day was great after all.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day in Review

How do you feel about Valentine's Day? Was it fun, did you love it, is it your favorite holiday, do you hate it, does it make you sad? and of course....... WHY? I need to know EXACTLY how you feel. Please use good descriptive sentences! You must:

* start with an ASQUIDS
* use atleast 5 sentences
* use at least 5 feeling descriptions
* end with a closing sentence full of feeling
* Make me Proud!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Writing is Fabulous

We are working so very hard in the 4th grade to become fabulous writers. It is our goal to write our thoughts as often as possible. The purpose of this blog is to help these 9 and 10 year olds develop writing skills while becoming familiar with different kinds of technology. Isn't it amazing how far we have come?!